Monday, October 8, 2012

Art in progress

So,I just decided to (finally)begin a project that I have been thinking about for awhile.  After last month's vacation,with all the trash I found in the Ocean,I have decided to attack this issue(with my paint brush,this time).
Most of my painting work is done in my head.  Yes,it's true, at least 60% of art work is the time that I spend planning the painting.  Most of my paintings are involved with trying to project the magical feeling of floating with the beautiful creatures of the Ocean.  It is true that there are not very many other places on Earth that you can get so close to truly wild animals!  So, that is what I have always preferred to portray in my work.
This time I think that I will proceed as if the painting is more of a still life.  I preface this by saying that I have never liked still life,since I was an art student!  For one thing,"still life" is such an oxymoron!  Life is not still,life is constant motion. 
Never the less,this is how I have decided to approach this painting.  The working title is "Plastic Ocean",not really original,just a popular saying with some of the environmental groups that I follow.
So I start this painting with a photo of a collage that I made of various types of trash. I don't think I will use all of it in the final work,just needed a jumping off point.
This is the beginning of the project(though,I have been conceptualizing the beginning for some time).

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