Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oil Spill Solutions

I have been avoiding discussing this subject for a long time. It makes me sad and sick. I don't have enough words to express my disgust for what has happened. I don't doubt that we will be dealing with it for decades to come.
Having said that , I am sick and tired of dwelling on the negative aspects of this tragedy. I am pretty sure that there are going to be many solutions to this problem over the coming months and years. I am not suggesting that this can ever be a "make lemonade from lemons" situation. I am just saying that we will find a way to repair the damage.
I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I usually try to reign it in. However, today , I will disclose my personal solutions for the oil spill.
1. Cola. Yes,cola,soda pop,could be Pepsi,Coke or generic. They all work on oil spills on my garage floor. I am assuming that would work in the ocean. Hey, probably would not do any more harm than what ever "dispersants" are. And it will probably taste better to the fish. I nominate the head of the board at BP to open and pour each can. Then he can pass out straws to passing Dolphins. If we are lucky, they will use said straws to spray him with his own oil.
2. Giant,industrial filters strung across the Straights of Florida. You know, the kind that they use at Sea World,and such. I nominate the guys who stopped the bill to force BP to foot the bill for the clean-up to remove and change the oil filters. They,then could carry the filters to a mechanic,who will charge them the same fee that the rest of use pay for proper disposal of used oil filters.
These are the two ideas that came to mind immediately,something tells me,I can come up with a few more!
Seriously, I do support organizations that help the ocean. My favorite is Ocean Conservancy:
If you can't find any other way to help, try to make a donation. This is our future that we are talking about.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scuba Diving Movies

O.K., so typically, movies that involve diving are more about the romantic adventure of diving,than the technical accuracy of the sport. Having said that, these are my top five picks. Lets just say that these movies are more of a guilty pleasure!

5.Into the Blue(2005); Jessica Alba,Paul Walker. A group of divers discover a crashed plane containing drugs. Well, some of these movies really are just eye candy.

4.Fool's Gold(2008);Kate Hudson,Matthew McConaughey,Treasure,romantic adventure on the high seas, and diving. A bit zany,at times, but good for the pure escapism of it all.

3.After the Sunset(2004);Pierce Brosnan, Selma Hyak, Woody Harrleson. More of a comedy about retired jewel thieves. Nice scenery, and of course,diving.

2.The Deep(1977); Jacqueline Bissett. Kind of a tie between this and Thunderball, for me! This one was shot on the RMS Rhone,so, brownie points for authenticity.

1. Thunderball(1965);Sean Connery as James Bond. One of the best. The dive scenes are pretty improbable,what with the knife fights,and all. Still, just good fun. And you can actually dive some of these sights,in Nassau!


These were just the movies that came instantly to mind, when the subject came up. I am guessing that you can come up with a few more!