Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My vacation in St. Thomas was so excellent that I will have to break it into several blogs. St. Thomas is not known for its' diving, I realize that. I feel as if that reputation is undeserved. I saw many healthy corals, and thousands of juvenile fish. I love that macro stuff, and there was much of it. I saw several fish that I had not seen before,including a Redlipped Blenny and a Juvenile Dusky Damselfish. The Damselfish couldn't have been more that an inch long, but it was a little orange and indigo gem. I am starting a painting of him today, hope to have it available on my web shop soon.
The only wreck dive that my Husband and I went on was to visit the wreck of the Cartanzar. The Cartanzar was a derelict freighter that was moved from Amalie Harbor and set by Buck Island Cove. It was then broke into three parts by Hurricane Hugo. It was an interesting wreck as an illustration of the force of a hurricane(even under water). We saw a moray eel,and a cleaner shrimp. The dive master held the shimp up to pose for the camera, pictures were taken. I guess that little guy is famous in someone's photo album! Although it was a nice dive, the boat was just packed. If you've been in this situation, you know how it goes. Everyone mobs the divemaster with their cameras each time she discovers something new. I know that it can't be helped, but we made certain that our next dive was a shore dive!
Hull Bay is very close to Stone Cottage, the place that we stay when we go to St. Thomas. I can't wait to tell you about it and it's owners, Sherri and Jeff( but I will). Hull Bay is a very small cove, with a few boats moored right in the bay. We started our dive from the boat ramp, which made it very easy to unload our tanks. Most of the interesting stuff is to your right as you face the water. It is a very shallow dive,less than 12ft. This means we had a least an hour bottom time. This is my favorite thing! Lots of time to explore all the little nooks and crannies. So many baby fish! Shoals of Silversides and really healthy coral. We were told that there is a drop to about 40ft. at the outside of the reef, but we never made it that far because we were so interested in everything that we were seeing at the shallow depths. One word of caution: the boat ramp is slippery with algae( found this out the hard way). Hull Bay Hideaway, the bar at the beach does a decent bar-burger. The Locals tell me that I was lucky to have such a calm day, many people enjoy Hull Bay for Board Sports because there is quite often a chop on the water. Either way, I will always look back on this trip as the one where I fell in love with shore diving!

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